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An assortment of marketing copy created for the AVMA, a client of insurance broker HUB International (my current employer). Collateral includes digital, print, and social copy distributed to respective audiences of 70,000+ (digital), 25,000+ (print) and 5,200+ (social).

Ask the Experts: What should you do if a staff member gets bitten during treatment?

April 9-15 is National Dog Bite Prevention Week. This year, we’re focusing on bites that happen at the practice. Getting nipped at by anxious canine patients is a potential hazard of the job for veterinary team members, and knowing what to do in the wake of a dog bite is crucial. We created this article to educate the practice team on what to do if a bite happens during handling or treatment—because quick action is important when it comes to bites.

Celebrating Women's History Month: 5 Female Veterinarians Who Paved the Way

As recently as 1975, women made up only 5% of the veterinary profession.1 By 2010, however, women made up roughly 50% of the profession; and today, approximately 61% of practicing veterinarians in the United States and 80% of American veterinary school students are women.2 This increased female presence in the veterinary field didn’t happen randomly, nor overnight. Several trailblazing female veterinarians and scientists paved the way for the women of today to pursue their dream of working with

Exploring the Anatomy of a Veterinary Licensing Board Complaint (and 4 Ways You Can Protect Yourself)

Many veterinarians will go their whole careers without receiving a complaint against their veterinary license (also known as a board complaint). However, in the last several years, incidents of license complaints have increased dramatically due to curbside service, increased patient loads, and other factors produced by the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19, however, is not entirely to blame. The increase in license complaints is also partly due to increased public awareness and the fact that clients h

Read This Before You Post: 6 Social Media Rules for Veterinary Professionals

It’s easy to dismiss social media as thoughtless, harmless fun, but when apps overlap with the workplace, employees—particularly those in medical professions—can get themselves into hot water. In 2022 alone, two separate social-media-gone-wrong stories made national headlines, and both occurred at hospitals. Though these incidents occurred in the human medical industry instead of at veterinary practice, veterinarians can still learn a lot from these cautionary tales.